Success Stories


New York to England!

Anna and I met first on your beautiful website where conscious singles can meet others who are on a similar path.  We began our first conversation with plenty of questions about spirituality, meditation, and personal development. We were both thrilled to find someone equally as interested in the same ideas that we both loved.


Every message that we sent to each other went deeper and deeper.  Within a few weeks of messaging each other, we decided to move our conversation to WhatsApp where we could send longer messages and call each other.  The voice message feature on WhatsApp was one of our favorite tools of communication because of the ability that it allows us to send long in-depth messages, sending our voices and emotions to each other.


I was fascinated by this woman.  As each month passed, I looked forward to every morning because I knew that there would be a beautiful message from Anna waiting for me.  I loved sending Anna my thoughts and emotions. I felt so safe and comfortable with her, that I slowly began to open myself completely to her.


We spent long conversations on voice calls too. Hours would pass by in the summer when we would go for long walks, talking to each other and sharing deep conversations about consciousness and human potential.  One of my favorite times of the day was when I knew that Anna and I would speak soon. We lost track of time and grew deeper in friendship.


Soon after we started using Skype to video call each other.  It was a special experience spending time with each other as we sat and talked for hours about our passions like fitness, nutrition, and personal growth.  We loved looking at each other. Even though we didn't express our true feelings yet, I began to feel something shift within myself each moment that I spent with Anna.


Late in the summer, after receiving a voice message from Anna, I listened to her talk about how happy she was that I would find my soulmate.  We had talked deeply about being with our soulmate and had shared how important this was for us. She mentioned that when I met my soulmate, she would love to give her a big hug and tell her how lucky she was.  At that moment, I realized that I didn't want Anna to hug another someone else. I wanted to hug Anna because I knew that she was my soulmate.


Later that night, I opened my heart completely and shared how I felt. I knew that I felt the deepest love for this woman who I had not physically met yet I knew was my soulmate.  She was taken back by my feelings but then shared how she too had been holding back her feelings because she thought I wasn't interested in her. We both were astounded. We were deeply in love with each other and were so happy to share our love with each other.


I decided that I was going to move to the UK to be with my soulmate Anna.  After months of preparation and saving money, I flew out on my birthday. When I met Anna physically at the airport, I was lost for words.  Finally, my soulmate was here in front of me. We hugged and went back to her home where she gave me surprise birthday gifts. We spent the rest of the night speaking till 4 am as we shared tender moments of love with each other.


The days and weeks flew by together. It was beautiful living and being completely together.  Our hearts grew deeper and deeper in love as we shared the ups and downs of a relationship together.  We viewed each other as partners, as equals.


Some of our favorite memories were going for long walks, drinking tea together, and spending time reading. We spent long hours in the kitchen cooking, fun nights with our friends enjoying birthday parties and holiday parties.  We grew deeper in love each day.


Christmas, New Year's, were spent together with friends and each other as we celebrated different holidays with each other.  It was a joyous time. The only problem was that I had made a miscalculation. I thought that I would be able to work in England but the process for me to get a work visa was impossible.  It soon became clear that getting the work viza would not be possible because of the tough laws England imposed on non-Europeans.


Then I got a call from my family.  There was a family emergency with my brother John and they asked if I could come back to the States.  I was torn. My heart belonged next to Anna, but I knew that I had to go back to take care of my family. I decided in January to fly back to New York even though it broke my heart to leave my sweetheart Anna.  We spent nights crying knowing that I would be leaving soon but we vowed that we would be together soon, no matter what.


That's when we discovered the option for the fiancee viza. We weren't aware such an option was available and were grateful to know that there was a process that we could apply for to be together.


After I got back to New York, I met with my family and helped them through the tough period they were going through.  I started working again (as a fitness coach), knowing that every dollar we save would go towards our visa. Anna and I began to work longer hours, got new jobs to raise our income, and started to plan our reunion together.


So that's where we are today.  We’ve saved up enough to apply for the fiancee viza.  Within a few short months we’ll be back completely together in love.  Thank you for this wonderful website. It gave us the chance to remember each other.  We hope that our story can help others be inspired to listen and faith. Because it’s always a process of creation.  


Yours In Love,
Anna and Gabriel