Success Stories


England to Atlanta! Soul Mates United!

Hello, it has been a while that we wanted to finally write and thank your website.  

The website allow me to meet my soul mate in just a few short weeks. We believe this was definitely in our journey to meet through your site and that it's in alignment with the universe & God for our destiny to be together. 

At first, what seemed nice and pleasant became an unimaginably wonderful gift. We lived in different countries and soon after meeting knew we could not be apart long and decided marriage was for us. I have been given a true gift of marrying my soul mate and twin flame and we cannot thank you enough.
We met last June and by end of January we were married. Thank you so much and we will never forget your website. 

Best Regards,  Paula & Teresa 
Follow up:

Hi Jill,
Thank you for your positive email, we are happy to share more info. 

Paula contacted me Teresa on June 14th and due to the time difference between London and the US I saw the message the following morning on June 15th.

She sent me a pre-formatted message (hello) which ended that if interested she would like to receive a personal message.

Initially I was not sure as we were far too distant and was not really looking for a friendship, however in the evening coming back from work, I looked at her picture again and found her smile so empowering and beautiful that by the time I had dinner I decided to reply to her with a private message and from there we started speaking to each other every day.

We skyped for the first time after 10 days or so and we spoke for five hours! Unbelievable! As soon as we saw each other on the screen we both knew we were meant to be together.

Paula came to visit me in London on August 27th after 2 months and 12 days, and I then went to visit her in US, near Atlanta after another two months.

We currently leave in US and we are happy to share our story and picture on your website hoping we can inspire more people.

Many blessings,

Teresa and Paula