Success Stories


Canning over Cans

Keith and I just wanted to share our success story. 

When I googled how to meet a man with a beard and chickens, Green singles came up.

I was looking for someone who loved the land as much as I do and who was more attracted to my canning than my cans.  I didn't realize your site sent folks an email when you looked at their profile and I kept looking and looking at Keith's pic. After the many emails he got from Green singles indicating my interest. He finally emailed me and the rest, they say, is history.

We spent 4 months emailing and I flew to see him. I live in Ontario, he lives in NB. From the moment I saw him, I knew he was it. WE would be it. We have made the distance work. Once day we hope to share a home full time together though-for sure!!! 

We are now deeply committed and have a daughter just over a year old. We share an older son from my previous marriage. He is my heart and we both thank you for your site. 

Thank you! 

Vanessa & Keith :)

Follow up: 


I think it was my sense of humour keith was attracted to, but it may also have been my geeky blue wool hat when I stepped off the plane-one never knows! 

Nothing holding us back from living together except we're slowly deciding where we'll land. In the meantime, I'm parenting my son in Ontario and we are keeping our careers in place while we decide where we'll end up. We're maintaining two gardens, one urban, one much larger very rural one in NB. We have chickens, two pigs (new this year) and a blended family that flows from province to province back and forth as time off from our job allows. 

Currently, our plan is to one day get 'legally' married. Right now, we are married in the way of Amish. We said it was and so it is. Keith gave me his mother's  engagement and wedding ring a month after our baby girl was born, which I adore. (The baby girl and the ring!) 

When I went on Green Singles, I thought I might meet someone who was like minded and we could start getting to know each other based on common interests, harking back to a calling towards a greener lifestyle (or a bearded fellow) I'd dreamt of in my 20's. 

What I ended up with was finding peace, love and a family. thanks!

 {NOTE: Conscious Dating Network is comprised of many "spiritual" and "green" dating sites that all share one database (like different rivers flowing into the same ocean), as a member, you have access to all members from all sites, automatically, no need to join other sites.}