Success Stories


Destined to be Together


I've always had a knowing that the woman I was destined to be with was out there waiting for me. A few years ago I was drawn to start my search for her using "newageconnections". It wasn't long before my search was ended and I met Ilda. Our interactions were truly wonderful and I felt as if we had known each other for lifetimes before our meeting. We finished each other's thoughts and always knew what the other was feeling. It wasn't long before we became emotionally inseparable and fell into love together. Due to complications with covid we had to wait until 2021 to meet in person but as they say good things come to those who wait. We met first in June 2021 and then again in 0ct 2021. During the first trip when we first saw each other in person was like something out of a dream. The air was electric and both of us were overwhelmed by the pure ecstasy of being embraced at last. The time passed by all too fast but I found myself back with her in Albania just a few months later. During the second trip I had the pleasure of meeting her well to do family who greeted me with a warm reception of a dinner at their home. I think they could see how we both glowed at the sight of each other and knew that we were truly in love. I received their blessing for marriage and we hope to get married next year in my home town. I know we will start a wonderful family together and love and care for each other for the rest of our lives.



Coming from a conservative Albanian background I have always been weary of suitors

even when they have been presented by my family. Though I have always known that one

day I would find the man meant for me at the right time. When Cody messaged me, I did find

him handsome, but there was something about his words that drew me in and made me want

for more. It wasn't long before I found myself anticipating his messages, continuing our

engaging and often warming conversations. At that point I knew he was for me and I him. The

covid lockdowns were difficult for us because we had a very strong longing to be with each

other. After some time, we were finally able to meet in June of 2021 at my home city Tirana.

Our first meeting was everything I had dreamed it to be and more. We he hugged me I could

have stayed in his arms forever. When he came back to me in October I was excited to have

him meet my family and friends. Just as I had hoped my family found him charming and was

overjoyed I had finally found the love of my life. We are excited to get married and start a

family as soon as possible. I am looking forward to him showing me America just like I

showed him my home in Albania.

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