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Europe to Mount Shasta! Long Distance Works Again!

I can only speak of my path and for me I was shown that a great love was destined for almost 6 years now. Whilst I was still in my marriage. There have been many intense preparations in those years (and of course before,  though less consciously). A lot of agony and deeply uncomfortable inner work that has also been so rich and beautiful.  And in the past year and a half a few relationships that each brought their perfect lessons and gifts. 

I can honestly say that the vehicle of conscious sacred relationship is the fastest, deepest alchemy! 

I joined the site in February. We connected in March 2016 within a month of my joining, but that was 5 months before it was time for us to come together. 

How is this for magic.... in March 2015, a year earlier, on a trip to USA, several times during that trip, I sat in a local health food cafe which was literally across the street from "his" house. I had received a stream of predictions from both others and my higher guidance that my love was coming; that I would very likely cross paths with him on that trip; that he was in Northern California (he is, and I in Scotland)
And I saw a grey haired older man i(he is!) in my inner visions. 

But it wasn't the time at a human level. And both Alan and I recognise that we were not ready even a few months before we became close. Even with decades of self exploration. So much inner work is needed to hold the intensity of what is possible and not run! And timing is massively important

I would also say that the key is to find the Beloved WITHIN. To meet and heal all parts within ourself that turn from love. To give ourselves the deep love and intimacy we long for . THEN the Lover may appear in physical form. 

The main connections I made on the site were in USA (I am in Scotland) but this is also where I felt my love was. A long distance relationship has its own unique set of opportunities for growth. This man is so exceptional as - as soon as we both accepted there was destiny to explore- with very little dialogue- he flew to Europe for us to meet and share a few days. Four times he has flown the Atlantic for us to ground and deepen our love. And I have traveled to California three times.

We became engaged in January (2017) and are in the process of a visa application so that I can move to USA along with my three younger children. We are also in process of buying a house together in Mt Shasta, where Alan lives.

Between us we have 13 (!) children so may one of our gifts be demonstrating that not only can huge physical distance be overcome, but also what could seem like major practical circumstances. And, there is also a 17 year age difference. When the dedication to the highest calling of Love takes precedence, all falls into place synchronistically! 

We are 100% committed and in gratitude for the depth and vastness of what is coming through us. Our journey in sacred relationship has been intense, challenging and has called for everything in terms of personal and spiritual resources and the appropriate support.

I would also add that having such a comprehensive basis for "matching" people does help align with like minded souls. 

Thank you from my heart 


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