Success Stories


Healing and Growing Deeper in Love

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there. 
I have been on your website for just over half a year and had enjoyed dating different guys and getting to know myself deeper through my connection with them. I was almost giving up on dating when I decided to give it another go and I had a last date with a guy who I found just totally attractive and a perfect match on every level of existence. We continued dating, meditating and working on ourselves and our relationship and we have an ever deepening intimacy, love and connection and continue to grow individually and together. We support, inspire and understand each other and I am deeply grateful to you for connecting us. I know there is no end to love and to how much we can give  and receive love and I know this journey only continues to get sweeter  and deeper and filled with blessings! We have now been together for 6 months and its ever so beautiful and real with its ups and downs as well. I truly believe we will continue growing in love infinitely! 
May all those who wish to heal and grow deeper in love have this opportunity, thank you!