Success Stories


BE the one you are looking for

Dear Jill
From the outset, you have been so warm and supportive during this most important journey of our lives, helping my husband, Shaun, and I to find each other.
Yours is the best online dating site I found and believe me, I had tried about ten sites before I met Shaun! Thank you for providing such a thorough and ethical platform, with so many questions and ways to share who we are. You also provide great options for free accounts as well as very reasonable fees for the paid accounts.
Shaun and I met each other through your site in June 2022 and after a month of in-depth chatting, we came off the site and continued to chat through our personal emails.
It was challenging because Shaun was in the UK and I was in Australia, but we really felt a strong connection, so by December 2022 we decided to start Zoom calling each other and to stop all communication with other people.
The Zoom calls started at 40 mins (length of a free Zoom call), but soon stretched into hours – our record was 7 hours straight! And even at the end of that call, we still had more to say to each other!
Shortly after Christmas 2022, we knew we wanted to be together for life and organised for me to visit Shaun in the UK for two weeks and then for him to visit Australia for two weeks during April-May 2023. 
Because we had been talking so in-depth about everything we felt very comfortable with each other when we first met in person. It felt so joyous and natural to be together. 
Meeting each other’s family and friends also felt very happy and comfortable. Everyone was happy that we had found each other. On 16 May 2023, we became officially engaged and on 9 December 2023 we were married!
Thank you again for such a wonderful site, and to those who are still looking for your special person, remember to be yourself, BE the one you are looking for, and FEEL their presence with you, even if you haven’t met them yet. It’s magic, and it really works!
With love and best wishes
Andria and Shaun