Success Stories


From Website to Wedding Bells

From website to wedding bells!!! I know, I know, if we didn´t actually create it would be hard to believe. We wanted to write to share our story with you because it really is a very special one (everyone thinks their story is special, right!!). From someone who has been very consciously own my path of discovery for years, that true spiritual connection was the one thing that was always missing in relationships. To me, if you are not growing spiritually with your partner, the relationship will not succeed. I put up my profile and had a few responses over some time, but honestly, as I became very active with other things, I almost forgot about it.

Fortunately, I had done my personal work to really make space for the right person to come into my life, and little did I know, across the state in Sarasota, my "wife to be" was doing that exact same work on herself. Michele saw an ad in a local newspaper for the site and then put her profile up. She was inspired to respond to mine when she saw it & interestingly, reading each other´s profiles was like looking in the mirror. You could have switched our names and our profiles would have still fit, it´s like we were made from the same mold. Both of us had incredibly strong feelings of ´knowing´ from the first few times we began to communicate. From emails, to phone calls, to weekend visits to a vacation in Ireland together, to now, almost a year later, we are living together & have recently become engaged. We are so excited about our relationship, our present experiences & what the future holds. We would like to thank for providing this platform for two strong, independent & aware individuals to find each other. We both firmly believe that we co-created this relationship, but you created the place for it to begin.

Thank you & NAMASTE. With love & laughter,

Keith & Michele