Success Stories


Instant Connection!

From my end, the story is very simple.  I'm enjoying a wonderful relationship with the person I met right away on the site.  I know it took him a couple of tries with other ladies until I came along. 

I got tired of the conventional dating scene and naturally turned to the Internet for an alternative.  I've never had trouble meeting guys, but when you meet people randomly, you first experience attraction, and then you realize just how little you have in common and waste a lot of emotional energy trying to make things work anyway. 

I imagined the partner I wanted, typed in the description, and the next day there was a match on my page.  We met up, and things instantly felt right and fell into place. 

The questionnaires the site provides are excellent.  They allowed me to find someone with a similar outlook on life and a matching wavelength.  It's so easy to get along and to enjoy each other's favorite activities.  Your personality profiles correctly calculated a good match! 

It looks like this one is going to work out... but, if it doesn't, I would come right back here, when I'm ready for the next serious try. 

Thank you for helping me meet this amazing person I would not have found otherwise.