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Relationship Empowerment Yoga & Massage

by Loren Johnson

What are the physical and emotional needs of my partner?

Returning to this inquiry may help relationships survive and thrive, yet it’s not always easy to address or express.  Tension around tension can be present, a psycho-emotional gravity making communication challenging.


Exploration of the arts reveals a pattern.  Healing, martial, performing arts emphasize relaxation as an ideal state to operate from.  This makes sense; does creativity flow freer when we are relaxed or tense? 


Approaching relationships, this principle may serve. If the creative force that animates artists is optimized by relaxation cultivation, then helping my partner enter a parasympathetic state may bridge to the heart of the matter. 


Touch training was a main area of interest I had in attending my first Tantric workshop.  Chi flows where the mind goes, and my focus met with a great transmission.  They revealed a partner massage that quickly generates relaxation and awakened sexual vitality. 


The union of this Tantric treatment with a position I learned studying yoga massage in Thailand created powerful parasympathetic and full body orgasmic activation in my partner.

This Tantric Thai sequence is such a quick, easy yet powerful partner practice I would like to share with you now.


The giver kneels in rock pose, then puts one foot flat on the ground thereby raising that knee. The recipient is prostrated, in child pose with arms extended forward, gently sitting on the giver’s thigh.  This position alone allows pressure to be applied to the recipient’s perineum, a most powerful sexual and overall vitality point.  


With prayer pose or loose fists, the giver acu-taps the recipient’s sacrum, which is the back of the sex chakra.  Acu-tap the sacrum at least 36 times, or roughly 30 seconds, with the intention of awakening the sexual, vital, kundalini energy lying dormant at the base of the spine.


After acu-tapping the sacrum, feather stroke the energy up along either side of the spine with your finger tips to the base of the skull.  Perform at least 3 passes, feather stroking from sacrum to occiput, helping sexual vitality reach the brain rejuvenating the senses and leading to full body orgasmic states in your partner. 


After the 3rd sacral to occipital pass, perform a quick neck and shoulder massage while still maintaining pressure with your thigh on your partners perineum. 


While massaging the neck and shoulders, a fancy option requiring some flexibility is for the giver to lean forward exerting chest pressure on the recipient’s sacrum, and indirectly the perineum.  This creates a strong circuit between the couple’s heart and sexual centers.


A smooth dismount from this position is to palm press your partners sacrum generating leverage to slide your body backwards.


Sexual reflexology is highly effective from here and may be explored in great detail, but even this basic set may prove invaluable in establishing physical and emotional rapport between partners.


This Tantric Thai sequence I titled Perineum Power Prostration.

A free video version, along with many free and streamable relationship empowerment practices of this nature, are viewable via the relationship yoga and massage link at

Loren Johnson, L.Ac and senior Tao Yoga instructor under Master Mantak Chia, studied medical massage extensively in Thailand and has taught vegan lifestyle, alternative wellness and relationship arts over 21 years.

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